Adjusting to Distance Learning

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We’ve made it to the first progress report with our first fully dedicated distance learning school year. Has it been easy? Of course not! We worked on getting the dedicated space and establishing a routine which has helped. You’ve gotten to know your teachers a bit and are discovering the strengths and weaknesses of their lessons and different expectations for online learning. 

From physical to virtual distance learning

It’s not like before where you would write an assignment and turn it in. You have a chance to speak with your teacher and ask questions in real time during class. Now with online learning, If there are any issues with the actual submission or misunderstandings about what they expected, you could essentially get a zero for a really easy assignment and no way to make it up.

Staying engaged

This is especially challenging with back to back classes, sitting in a chair all day. During the lesson, this may mean doing what you need to do to keep your mind focused. Maybe doodle your notes and make it visual so you can connect with the lesson. Pay extra attention when assignments are being explained. Most importantly, ask questions immediately. 

But what if they don’t answer the chat or let you unmute yourself?

Though if the teacher doesn’t see your question in the chat or let you ask questions, write them down and email them immediately after class. Visit them during office hours. Keep track of all your assignments. 

Tools that can help

I stumbled on some Verbal to Visual videos on YouTube by Doug Neill. I think this is a great tool to help keep you connected to the lessons.



Take a break

Psychology Today says breaks have been known to help your brain and its ability to process information. Between classes, get up and stretch, walk around, and get some water. I try to take regular breathers from work myself. We should check on each other to make sure we get our movement breaks and maybe a snack or two! 

We’re all in this together. My desk is right next to yours. If you have problems or questions, you only need to ask.

This might be a good time to reevaluate your goals.

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