My Big PUSH from My 5 Holiday Challenge Goals

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I am always talking about goals. That just emphasizes their importance. Goals can help us trigger new behaviors by guiding our focus and creating that momentum in life like with the domino effect. By creating S.M.A.R.T. goals with specific parameters, … Continued

My Holiday Home Challenge

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In the midst of work and school, we get busy. Life gets messy. I always seem to be rushing into the holidays stressed out and exhausted. This Holiday Home Challenge will change things this year. I’m really trying to plan … Continued

Halloween Fun in the Age of Covid

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Being home all the time is a bummer, especially during Halloween. We are usually out and about trick or treating, checking out the decorations and meeting up with friends. My spacey pumpkin, I am super proud.  You and your friends … Continued

Hong Kong Steak – Chicago Style

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Before Grandma and Grandpa moved us to Hawaii, we were in Chicago. Your great grandparents had a small Chinese restaurant in Old Town. If we wanted to visit them, we had to go down to the restaurant. They were always … Continued